Wednesday, July 27, 2016


If I had to boil the 2016 election down to one single determining factor, it would be PUMA.  Do you remember PUMA?

PUMA = Party Unity My Ass.  

PUMA was started by bitter Hillary voters in the 2008 general election.  They claimed sexism, but Obama won that nomination fair and square.  They claimed they'd stay home on election day.  They voted, each and every one of them, for Hope and Change in November. 

PUMA was a Democrat Party-only term in 2008.  It is the same in 2016.  The NeverTrump types would claim it exists on the right.  They'd claim they were cheated too.  The are wrong.  All three of them.

PUMA exists today, but by a collection of different names: Bernie, Black Lives Matters, Leaked Emails, Rigged, and crossover voters for Trump.  I'd argue the hangover from Hope and Change plays a role too. 

But will it stick?  It didn't in 2008.

In 2008 those Hillary die-hards were reminded in the Fall of two things: Supreme Court nominations, and abortion.  That was all it took to get their asses out of bed and to the polls.  You can bet hundreds of millions of Hollywood and Wall Street donations will be spent this Fall pushing those two items.

Will 2016 be the same?  Will these angry liberals really follow through on their threats to stay home?  Will they stay true to their word?

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