Monday, July 25, 2016


He received the welcome tonight at the DNC Convention that Ted Cruz wanted at the RNC Convention.

His fans not only filibustered his speech in a complimentary way, they filibustered other speakers in a not-so-nice way. 

Sad faces, as thousands realize their student loans will not disappear in January as planned.

Bernie comes out strong for Hillary, slapping every one of those sad faces in the audience, and the 13 million sad faces across the country.  Mostly educated in the public education system, few know the word "betrayal," and even less know the definition.  Which is good for Hillary.

America might have dodged a bullet with Bernie.  He isn't a felon.  He isn't suffering multiple physical ailments.  His last name doesn't have the names of dead Americans, disbarment, perjury charges and other dirt associated with it.  And as for his vision, he is the closest to Lenin to every get this close. Had he been nominated, and had he offered enough free stuff to enough voters....

UPDATED 7.27.16 11am:

There it is.

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